Pilot strawberry heating

September 2016: This month we started our second pilot with direct exposure of strawberries to radiant heat. The first pilot has proved that application of our heating ribbons results in an equal harvest on the inside and outside of the plants despite the fact that the strawberries on the inner side of plants benefit less of direct sunlight.

The goal of this pilot is to ascertain the optimum amount of energy for the best result.

The pilot will run into the next year. Harvesting period: November-February.

HSI’s system is very successful in the USA

May 2016: The baseball and softball teams of Michigan State University are no longer missing out on outdoor training sessions or home games because of cold weather conditions. As a result of the field heating systems provided by Heating Solutions International and installed by Sports Fields Inc. the baseball and softball infields remain available and playable! For more information, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwNonizYrHQ

New office HSI

April 2016: Heating Solutions International recently moved to their new facilities in Schijndel (NL). From here we are ready for further expansion.

First Sports Project USA

April 2016: Michigan State University’s Baseball team has its best start since 1972. Heating Solution International’s heating ribbon installation allowed the team earlier outdoor practice for this season. For more information, see http://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/michigan-state/spartans/2016/04/01/michigan-state-spartans-baseball-stadium-heating-coils/82503792/

Two field heating systems for Norway

March 2016: Field heating systems in the Norwegian towns of Raufoss and Oslo are now ready for operation. The heating system in Oslo only uses a  power capacity of 120 kW. Despite this limited available power capacity, the heating system will melt all snow.For more information, see projects.

First sports project in USA

January 2016: Heating Solutions International first Sports project with Sports Fields Inc. in the USA is a success. Read enclosed article for more information! http://on.lsj.com/1TgAa87

A considerable rise in tax on gas in 2016

January 2016: The price of gas will rise considerably in 2016 while the costs for electricity will be slightly reduced. The energy tax on gas will be raised with 32 percent tot € 0,305 per cubic metre, effective from 1 January 2016.

According to calculations from comparison site Gaslicht.com this raise will lead to extra costs amounting to € 132,00 per year for a household with an average gas consumption. On the other hand the energy tax on electricity will be reduced with 16%. On balance, an average household will pay approx. € 52,00 more for tax on gas and electricity.

The above however will not apply to houses which are provided with sustainable energy systems such as Living Heat IR underfloor heating. Houses equipped with Living Heat gain double benefits: a reduction of 30% in energy consumption and an extra reduction of 16% on energy tax for the remaining energy that will be used.

Sponsoring Serious Request

December 2015: Heating Solutions International is pleased to sponsor the Serious Request event from Radio 3FM taking place from 18 to 24 December 2015 by providing the IR heating for the DJ’s quarters the ‘Glazen Huis’ (glass house). Location: Pancratiusplein in Heerlen.

By sponsoring Serious Request, HSI contributes to the future of millions of young people living in war and conflict zones. We wish 3FM the best of luck with this event.

Serious Request is a unique, annual recurring event, from the Dutch Radio Station 3FM during which money is raised for projects of the Dutch Red Cross. Three DJ’s will lock themselves up for six days in the Glazen Huis during the week prior to Christmas. During this period the DJ’s will not eat any food.

FSB 2016 Köln

Heatings Solutions International will be presented by ETG during the FSB 2016 in Köln. During this exhibition we will show the latest developments to heat sportfields.

Real Estate Exhibition Provada 2015

Heatings Solutions International participate the Provada 2015 together with her partner SGS Intron. It’s the most important Real Estate Exhibition in the Netherlands. During this exhibition Heating Solutions showed her improved indoor Solution. We received a lot of international attention for this Solution where we will sign the first contracts in 2015.