HSI delivers infrared heating ribbons for agricultural applications thus enabling an advanced growth of crops and year-round cultivation. Practice has shown that radiant heat stimulates the growth of asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, sweet potatoes, raspberries, tulips etc.

Infrared heating is the ideal application in greenhouses as well as in open fields, trays and (insulated) cultivation tables. The depth of the infrared heating ribbons and the required temperature are matched to the specific crop.

HSI’s heating systems distinguish themselves by only delivering heat in specific locations when required. As the heating systems do not heat the air but only the soil, huge energy savings are achieved. HSI’s control systems are able to provide various zones with different soil temperatures based on their own climatic conditions. All heating systems are fully automatically (sensor based) controlled. Furthermore the heating systems are dismountable and therefore transferable to another location.

Studies and pilots conducted by one of the world’s leading agricultural Universities (Wageningen University NL) have proved that radiant heat stimulates the growth of white asparagus, strawberries, and hyacinths.

The infrared heating system offers the following advantages in comparison to traditional heating methods:

  • advanced growth up to four weeks
  • year round cultivation
  • cultivation is possible even on cold days without damaging/burning the crops
  • the low surface temperature with wide radiation ensures an even temperature stimulating the root growth and prevents damage to crops
  • low operating costs
  • easy to install
  • maintenance free
  • high yield

Enhanced growth of crops, earlier harvest, increased yield
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