HSI has been announced winner in the Sustainable Heating Solutions Industry 2016 by the National Business Success Award Institute. This price is awarded yearly to leading companies with an exemplary role in their industry. Following this award, a TV report has been made at HSI.  The recordings will be shown during ‘De Succesfactor’, shown by the Dutch RTL7 TV station.

The nomination committee from the NBSA Institute states in the jury report that HSI has, over time, become a leading company in the field of sustainable heating solutions for sport, agriculture and horticulture, infrastructure, roofs and indoor applications. The company has vast knowledge and experience in her professional areas and has in the meantime built an excellent reputation. HSI is generally acknowledged as one of the best and most progressive companies in this field. The combination of knowhow and innovative approach lead to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Remarkable distinctive capabilities
HSI is a specialist in the field of sustainable heating solutions in its broadest sense. In the past years they have focussed their strategy mainly on large surface heating such as football pitches and sales to regular European customers. HSI also distinguishes herself through her high level of customer and service focus. Innovation is the keyword. HSI is continuously improving her products and services in order to meet her clients’ requirements optimally. Clients see HSI as a reliable, cooperative and helpful partner who advises in the best possible way. HSI is a world class company which has built a remarkable position over time. For instance, they built a large know-how in de past years on complete sustainability based on all electric housing. A real specialist in her field. Passion, innovation capacity, courage and vision, plus a 100% customer focus make Heating Solutions International an absolute number one in her world.

HSI considers the award to be an acknowledgement of years of investments in innovation and projects. “We are proud to be recognized for the quality of our solutions with this award. We see this as appreciation for all employees, partners and suppliers of our company. Some of them have been involved in our company from the start and have played an important role in the knowledge, experience and customer satisfaction we have in this field.